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Training the Next Generation of Handymen

I'll teach your son hands-on skills he can use for the rest of his life.
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Worried your boys aren't learning the hands-on skills they need for real life? I teach those skills to your son and give you personalized review videos, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that he's equipped for what's ahead.

Does the following sound familiar to you?

•  You know your son needs to learn to work  with his hands; whether to have a backup means of producing income, or just to be able to deal with the problems that happen in everyday life.

•  The thing is, you didn't grow up doing those things—and what you learned in high school shop class isn't exactly fresh in your memory banks.

•  You feel inadequate to teach your son things that you yourself have no idea how to tackle.

•  You'd love to learn all this stuff yourself, and then turn around and teach your son. But you just don't have time. When you get off from work, you want to relax with your family, not go take night classes.

If that's you, then you're in the right place!

"My son really enjoyed your welding class. I was glad that he got to use some equipment that we don't yet have. I even learned a lot from just observing you guys when I came to pick him up! When is your next class scheduled? I want to sign my son up for every class you teach."

-Dustin Esco
General Manager of AutoNation Toyota, Spokane Valley

Here are the Skills I'm Currently Teaching:
From zero experience to competent, general-purpose fabricator.
Looking for Pipeline Welder certifications? Nope, you'll find that somewhere else. But you'll be surprised how much a teenager with some basic welding know-how and a $200 machine can fix around the house (and neighborhood).

>Click here to see the Metalworking classes I'm currently offering.

Electrical & Electronics
Want your son to know what to do the next time the power goes out in order to run basic necessities like lighting, and keeping your phones charged? How about building a universal battery charger that will handle anything from a lawn tractor battery to a dead suburban battery, and even forklift batteries?

>Click here to see the Electronics classes I'm currently offering.

How to use simple hand-operated tools to move huge, heavy stuff without power equipment—or a hurt back! I also teach the physics behind all of the tools your kids will learn to use, such as levers, ramps, pulleys, winches, wheels, and tie-downs. I'm currently preparing for my next round of classes on this topic.

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Introducing the amazing "Joule Thief Lamp"

Build your own emergency light source that runs on DEAD batteries!

In this 3-hr long class you'll make your own amazing LED lamp that can be used as a nightlight or emergency/power-outage light source.

The best part? It runs on DEAD "AA" and "AAA" batteries! This class builds on what you learned in the Basic Electronics Class and includes:
• Basics of coils and transformers (inductance)
• Simple oscillator function
• Application of Series/Parallel circuits

You'll take home a "Joule Thief Lamp" you built with your own hands!

Request A Class
There are several more topics I am planning to offer classes on soon, ranging from Carpentry and Plumbing skills to Survival Hacks and basic Gas Engine Troubleshooting. If you'd like to request one of these, or anything I don't have currently listed on this page, click here and enter your email address. I'll be in touch within 24 hrs and we'll see what we can work out!

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Endorsed by:
"If you are looking for a mentor for your children that you can trust, you have come to the right place. I have known Tom Wylie and his family for many years. We have been in their home often, spent time together at various social gatherings as well as attending church together. Tom is a man of integrity and exemplary character. Without doubt, he will be an outstanding role model for your children."

-Neil M. Craig

Executive Director
Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington
How Am I Qualified to Teach Your Son?

Click the video below to watch the story of how I came to learn these things, and why teaching your kids hands-on skills is so important:

After growing up learning from my Grandpa Tom, I went on to become a licensed Aircraft Mechanic and Commercial Pilot. I've also worked in the fields of Carpentry, Metal Fabrication, Battery Charging & Rejuvenation technology, and Alternative Energy R&D.

After years of experience "doing the things," I realized it was time to start sharing what I've learned with the next generation. People kept asking me how I did something without needing to ask for help.

I used to shrug my shoulders and say, “Oh, it was tough, but I got it done.”

But that wasn’t helpful. What about the next time they needed to do what I had just done, and couldn’t find help?

I decided to do something different. I started showing people how I did things. And they loved it! The more I shared, the more feedback I got. They started saying things like,

“Wow, I never understood that before, but now it all makes sense!”


“You teach in a way that makes complex things simple.”

In fact, one of my previous jobs consisted of taking the written instructions that my boss had made for his products, and redesigning them from the ground up to be crystal clear and highly visual in nature.

I soon had other professionals in the business telling me, “Man, your instructions are SPOT ON!” The number of customer service requests we received because of unclear user manuals plummeted. People now understood exactly what to do, and why. And they were getting awesome results with our products!

Now is your chance to have your son learn the things my Grandpa Tom taught me, plus a TON more!

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What's So Special About These How-To Classes?

Unlike the normal, one-time, easily forgotten training found elsewhere, my classes—and the instructional materials presented in them—are designed to be remembered. Plus, it'll be fun and easy for you and your son to review what he learned in each class, so you can pursue further learning together.

So you can think of the conclusion of each class not as "the end," but rather the beginning of a whole new world of exploration and further learning experiences. Here are the three steps to my unique Learning Framework:
Special 3-Part Learning Framework:
1. Schedule A Class
It's easy to get started—just click one of the orange Schedule A Class buttons on this page to see when the next class is available. Registration is a breeze and can be done 100% online (or via phone if you prefer).
2. I'll Provide the Knowledge & Experience
Check out the growing list of available classes and topics below. If you'd like instruction on a topic that I don't have listed yet, see "Request A Class" below.

3. Watch The Review Videos With Your Son
This is the super fun part! You get a taste of what he learned, and the opportunity to explore further together. Enjoy watching his newfound confidence and capabilities.

Check out this sample from a recent review video!

Enjoy a small taste of the kind of review video you and your son will receive after class. This is a great way to share in the experience, even if you (the busy dad or mom) weren't able to be there for the class.

Take pride in watching your son accomplish things he hadn't been able to do the day before!

Every single review video is different—because every budding handyman is different! I custom-edit each video to help your son reinforce the specific skills that he wanted to learn, and to help him remember this experience forever.

"My two oldest sons (11, 14) just took Tom's beginner welding class. They loved it!!! Tom was amazing (my hubby sat in on the class and enjoyed himself), and now our boys are hooked! They will be signing up for the harder level. Thanks so much for offering such amazing classes for young boys!!!"

-Robyn Everett
Proud mom of two new welders
You Choose...

You could try to "make time" to learn these skills on your own (and then turn around and teach them to your boys). But you've been trying to do that for a long time now, and your sons aren't getting any younger.

Before you know it, they will be off on their own, trying to make it through life with whatever amount of equipping they were given. At that point, it will be much harder for them to "take time off" and learn new skills. You know how that feels, because you're there right now.


You could click the Schedule Now button below to instantly reserve a spot for this amazing hands-on training. Your sons will come away with timeless life skills tucked into their back pockets, ready to be put to use either right now... or sometime down the road.

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I won't pressure you to buy, but I'll answer any questions you may have!
I'll see you at class!
Risk-Free Guarantee:
When you sign up for this LIVE training you risk absolutely nothing. At the end of each class, if you are not 100% satisfied with the value you received, simply ask me and I will issue you a complete no-hassle refund. I want to provide you and your kids with amazing experiences learning highly useful skills. If you feel like you did not receive the value that you paid for, then I'll give your money back, and you and your kids can keep your newly-gained knowledge forever for free. I really believe you won't be disappointed. But if I'm wrong, your class is on me.