FREE MASTERCLASS: "Laying Out Your Homestead, Fixer-Upper Rescue Tips, & Innovations For Easier Farm Work"

Whether you're starting from scratch on raw land, or putting new life into a run-down fixer-upper, you don't want to miss out on these hard-won lessons from someone who's been there & done that.
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As featured in the 2020 Greensteading Summit

Comments from my Masterclass: "Laying Out Your Homestead, Fixer-Upper Rescue Tips, & Innovations For Easier Farm Work"

"Thanks so much for sharing all these great tips! Being in a similar 'season' of homesteading, this is really great, useful info for me!"
Thirteen Moons Homestead
"Hours and hours of looking at log splitter designs and passing them back and forth to family done! Yours is the best we have seen! Also site planning! Thanks for the generous SHARE!"
YouTube Comment
"Tom (aka The Handy Homesteader) you are a genius!! Thank you for sharing and all the information was top notch helpful."

What You'll Learn:

•  Tips for Laying Out Homestead Infrastructure: Whether you're restoring an old farm, or starting from scratch on raw land, here's how to set yourself up for success in the long run.

•  Fixing Up Neglected Home & Outbuildings: highest priority fixes to jump on right away, before they get any worse.

•  Chicken Tractor Modifications: My improvements to the 3 most popular chicken tractor designs from Joel Salatin, John Suscovich, and Justin Rhodes.

•  My Favorite DIY Tool For Moving Huge, Heavy Stuff By Myself Without a Tractor: Introducing the Bunyan Jack—the power of the world's strongest lumberjack, whenever and wherever you need it. Learn details for building your own.

•  Demonstration of the Paul Bunyan Wood Chopper: YouTube has hundreds of videos of a hand-powered log splitter made from scrap metal and a car spring. Some of the designs work well, some don't. And 95% of the videos are in Russian or Ukrainian. The Paul Bunyan Wood Chopper combines all the best design aspects in the world (plus some new innovations never seen before) into one single machine. Simple, strong, powerful, adjustable, and easy to replicate.
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